After more than 2 years of a long distance relationship, we decided that it was time to join the big leagues and get married! Couples around us celebrated our decision and felt compelled to give us some of their hard won marriage advice. Advice, as they said, that would help us to grow into a strong and power couple. Some of the advice went over our heads at the beginning, but now after 4 years of marriage we are able to see the positive impact their consul has had on us.


Marriage advice for Mike:

Look for someone who makes you feel light when you are around them. When you come home you should feel lighter than when you’re out in those streets.


Marriage advice for Sevie:

Make sure that you build up your man up with your words. Do not cut your spouse down with the way you speak to him.


Marriage advice for Mike

Make sure that you lead your family in some type of regular worship. This will give your family some structure and some quality time together. It will also nourish your soul. You as the head of the family have to take this role very seriously.


Marriage advice for Sevie

Choose your Battles. It’s important for you to understand that in marriage there is a lot of compromise. You will not be able to have everything that you wish. Sometimes you will have to let go of what is less important for you in order to focus on what you really need.


Marriage advice for Mike

Stay with the wife of your youth. No matter how annoying she gets or how fine the next woman is, stay with the wife of your youth!


Marriage advice for Sevie

Make sure that you properly feed and spoil your man. When he is home he should not have to look or think about anywhere else.


We hope these advice serves you as well as he had served us. Feel free to add to the list in the comments below.


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  1. So refreshing to see a young Christian couple sharing good wholesome marrital advice with there peers.congrats on your new venture I love you guys

    • Sevie Reply

      Thank you so much for your comment Francesca! We truly value your support and are inspired by your perspective of marriage! Love

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