Welcome to The Inspiration Times by Mike & Sevie!

She was from Paris. He was from Los Angeles.
She as a child wanted to be a teacher. He wanted to be an ice-cream truck driver.
She likes buying clothes. He likes making clothes that people like to buy.
She likes walking on the streets discovering news places. He likes street dancing and showing off new moves.
She is moderate. He is a bit extreme.
She plays the flutes softly. He plays the boombox loudly.
She likes simple melodies. He likes complex rhythms.
She is a cautious saver. He’s an aggressive investor.
She’s an introvert. He’s an extrovert.
She grew up speaking French. He grew up speaking English. They both learned to speak Spanish.

They both early on developed a love for travel and appreciation for new cultures.
They both come from 2 loving households. Both of them are the eldest sibling.
They both had an affinity early on towards investing on self-development.

Their paths crossed on a beautiful Summer day in Paris. Fast forward, 8 years later they are married with two wonderful children.They have traveled to 3 continents, became business partners and have learned to focus on the benefit of their complimentary attributes toward each others vs. their differences.

As those around them watched their relationship evolve, blossom, overcome obstacles and level up, they were constantly asked for advice, tips, hacks and wisdom. After a while, they decided to share what they’ve learned and are still learning with others.

The Inspiration Times is a platform to inform, motivate and inspire couples who are looking to level up in their marriage, business, personal development and holistic lifestyle. We are looking forward to sharing the journey with you!


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