About Me

Hello, thanks for stopping by and welcome in THE INSPIRATION TIMES!

My name is Séverine, my friends call me Sevie – self-development passionate, natural beauty and healing enthusiast, travel junkie. I would like to start a journey with you full of positivity and inspiration!

Why this website?

Deep inside, I always have this crazy idea that people should follow their dreams and create a lifestyle around what they are passionate about and what they have been created for. I am passionate about people taking risks to get married and building a new family, to start a new career, to travel the world, to create a new business, and completely change their lifestyle listening to their inner voice.

I applied that to my life also quitting a perfect job to start my own company and afterwards moving to another country to live life to the fullest with the man who won my heart!

The Inspiration Times?

Life is about TRANSITION!!!  The Inspiration Times is the place where I share my journey as a woman, wife, a new Mom in a new country leaving my comfort zone behind and embracing the unknown! It is also a place to have some practical, relationship, health, career, home, travel, etc., advice to equip you for a journey of fulfillment and happiness!

I’m the author of everything you’ll find here at The Inspiration Times.

My mission is to help readers like you adopt a  fulfilling lifestyle rooted in self-love, healthy relationship, environment, good health and a strong connection to God.

Are you ready?

…to join the movement and start to create a lifestyle matching your life purpose? Then come on!

I would like this website to be interactive, so please do not hesitate to comment or share with your friends.




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