After more than 2 years of a long distance relationship, we decided that it was time to join the big leagues and get married! Couples around us celebrated our decision and felt compelled to give us some of their hard won marriage advice. Advice, as they said, that would help us to grow into a strong and power couple. Some of the advice went over our heads at the beginning, but now after 4 years of marriage we are able to see the positive impact their consul has had on us. Marriage advice for Mike: Look for someone who makes you feel light when you are around them. When you come home you should feel lighter than when you’re out in those streets. Marriage advice for Sevie: Make sure that you build up your man up with your words. Do not cut your spouse down with the way…

This year our we have had the joy of welcoming a little baby girl into our family. We already have a wonderful toddler son and now we feel truly blessed and complete to bring our new baby home. But as many of you may know during pregnancy you are bombarded with so many feelings, joy, excitation, fear, anxiety… I was joined at the hip with my son, he was almost always with me so naturally one of my main concerns was his future reaction when it would be time to bring our new baby home. How is he going to take it? Will he be jealous? Will he question the love we have for him? and the list went on. But thankfully I was pleasantly surprise by his reaction, by his strength, being away from Mommy for 3 days/nights ( I thank my parents and hubby for making a smooth stage),…

Often when we hear the term Power Couple the first image that comes to mind is a wealthy and successful husband and wife team. They are driven, goal oriented, and involve in exciting and lucrative business activities. This was the term as defined in the 1980s. The idea of a Power Couple is something that many of us tend to seek out and idolize. Just look at Instagram and see the millions of posts with this hashtag from different kind of couples around the world looking to embody the term. We like this definition… The Urban Dictionary gives a great definition of the term Power Couple that we feel resonates with us and today’s generation “A relationship between two people who are equally as cool as each other. They are as individually awesome and fun to be around as they are when they are together. Neither one depends on the…

Life at times has a way of making you realize that all the little things that we take for granted are true blessings.

Can you imagine yourself as a child… leaving your parents behind in the countryside? Why? Because wanting the best for you, they decide to send you away to the city in hopes that you get a quality education, have more opportunities, and a brighter future. But when you finally arrive to the destination the reality is a stark contrast.

Salt is everywhere! We can find it mainly in all the food we eat today. While it is useful to enhance the dishes and add more flavor to them, eating too much salt is very harmful to our health.

Salt, more precisely the sodium inside of it, regulates our blood pressure and our water pressure. Too much salt intake leads to many diseases, the best known is hypertension.

Did you know that The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends only 5g salt intake per day, the equivalent of a teaspoon? But the average consumption is way superior of 10g a day and sometimes can reach some 12gr. The problem of this over consumption does not come from its direct consumption: the majority of our salt intake is hidden. Over 70% of the excess comes from cooked dishes and desserts (canned food, frozen food, soups or sauces, pizza, etc.). Whenever possible we need to avoid industrial or processed foods.

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