Salt is everywhere! We can find it mainly in all the food we eat today. While it is useful to enhance the dishes and add more flavor to them, eating too much salt is very harmful to our health.

Salt, more precisely the sodium inside of it, regulates our blood pressure and our water pressure. Too much salt intake leads to many diseases, the best known is hypertension.

Did you know that The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends only 5g salt intake per day, the equivalent of a teaspoon? But the average consumption is way superior of 10g a day and sometimes can reach some 12gr. The problem of this over consumption does not come from its direct consumption: the majority of our salt intake is hidden. Over 70% of the excess comes from cooked dishes and desserts (canned food, frozen food, soups or sauces, pizza, etc.). Whenever possible we need to avoid industrial or processed foods.

OWN’s series, Love Is__ is our new summer TV obsession and it was all inspired by the true love story of Girlfriends and Being Mary Jane creator Mara Brock Akil and her husband and 19 years, director Salim Akil. Not familiar with the Akils? Here are seven things to know about the two Hollywood heavy hitters whose real-life romance will sweep you off of your feet! Full Story: Essence

It’s been almost four years since George Clooney and his stunning wife Amal Alamuddin united in Holy Matrimony. The esteemed human rights lawyer first met the Hollywood superstar in 2014 in Italy and the rest as they say is history. Apart from their once in a lifetime kinda love story and mutual respect for each other, what makes this fabulous couple stand out is their commendable philanthropic and humanitarian work. Full Story: India Times

Simple and practical gesture toilet, the shower is also the perfect “vitality reflex” in the morning. Here is a little water jet lesson…

By giving a few more seconds to your shower, you offer yourself the luxury to start well each day in an Olympic shape!

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