Life can be hard on us men. Here are my Top 5 things to hit gathered from my own experience to help you positively deal with stress: Hit your sparring partner… We all have those days where something gets under our skin and where we are just on one. Instead of going home and laying into the wife and kids, bring that smoke to your sparring partner. He’s there in the dojo waiting for you and he can take it. Your attacks and your intensity help him with his training and the nice thing about it is the more you give the more you will receive. After all the yelling, hitting, kicking, grabbing, choking, slamming into the ground and having the same done to me I return home a mellowed out man. Sometimes I’m cut, sometimes I have a slight limp, sometimes I have the taste of blood in…

A strong beard game starts with a proper beard care!

The Night before.

So my daily beard care routine starts the night before. I give myself a vigorous but relaxing face wash. My goal is to clean the grime of the day off my face and out of my pores. Along with the face I wash my mustache and my beard also paying attention to the underlying skin of my facial hair. I have to keep it nice and clean so it does not get clogged resulting in unsightly pimples and bumps.

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