A strong beard game starts with a proper beard care!

The Night before.

So my daily beard care routine starts the night before. I give myself a vigorous but relaxing face wash. My goal is to clean the grime of the day off my face and out of my pores. Along with the face I wash my mustache and my beard also paying attention to the underlying skin of my facial hair. I have to keep it nice and clean so it does not get clogged resulting in unsightly pimples and bumps.

My secret weapon for this regimen is my Cold Label face mask:

Once mask comes off I spritz with cool water and pat dry. I then apply some beard oil. I rep and love the Le Garçon brand. Their Beard Oil is the business, just look at the ingredients and see what it’s packed with! It’s a medley of truth and light!
Anyways, I massage it into the follicles and skin and then gently work through it with a wooden comb. Stimulation of the skin and follicles is important so that while I am sleeping the hair can grow nicely and peacefully.

On the problem spots like my moustache for example that can break from all the extra twisting I put a bit of extra.

I make sure I get nice good 6-8 hours of sleep because that’s when your body is regenerating and things are growing.


In the morning.

After my morning workout I wash my face again and pat dry. Depending on the day I apply either beard oil or beard balm, and often times both. If I want to just moisturize and keep it clean I apply the beard oil. When my beard is short I use a boar hair brush, lightly stroking in the same direction that the hair grows. When it is longer and I want to sculpt I use the beard balm and a wooden or horn comb. Then I style my moustache with the beard balm or one of Le Garçon’s pomades either Robuste if I want a strong held curl or Original if I want a more natural relaxed curl.


What I don’t do…

There are some key things that I make sure I do NOT do when I care for my beard.

  1. I never leave the house without putting on my beard balm or my beard oil. The hair needs to be moisturized and smoothed. Both lubricate the follicle so that when you are combing and brushing you are not increasing breakage. Le Garçon’s Beard oil also has antibacterial and antimicrobial agents to keep the beard clean.
  2. I do not scratch or pick at or twist my beard hair. Many people when stressed will pick and pull at the hair on their face. This actually breaks it off. People ask me questions like “Why is my beard is not growing? “Why do I have patches?” Well sir many times those patches are problem spots that you have probably picked, pulled, and twisted the hair to the breaking point. Leave hands off the facial hair, and avoid chewing on it also! Yes I have seen people chewing on their facial hair, ewwww!
  3. I do not let ingrown hairs get un manageable. Some people get ingrown hairs, some don’t. I am one of those that do. Avoid using irritating the skin under the chin and neck. Don’t use unhygienic shaving equipment.

I only use products with the best ingredients. It’s the information age, we must do ourselves a favor and read the labels. I avoid products that have a lot of fillers. Yes this will end up with you being faced with products that might be more of an investment but hey, it’s your face and it’s worth it, you are worth it!

For any more tips and tricks as well as questions you might have feel free to contact me here.



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