Life at times has a way of making you realize that all the little things that we take for granted are true blessings.

Can you imagine yourself as a child… leaving your parents behind in the countryside? Why? Because wanting the best for you, they decide to send you away to the city in hopes that you get a quality education, have more opportunities, and a brighter future. But when you finally arrive to the destination the reality is a stark contrast.

Salt is everywhere! We can find it mainly in all the food we eat today. While it is useful to enhance the dishes and add more flavor to them, eating too much salt is very harmful to our health.

Salt, more precisely the sodium inside of it, regulates our blood pressure and our water pressure. Too much salt intake leads to many diseases, the best known is hypertension.

Did you know that The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends only 5g salt intake per day, the equivalent of a teaspoon? But the average consumption is way superior of 10g a day and sometimes can reach some 12gr. The problem of this over consumption does not come from its direct consumption: the majority of our salt intake is hidden. Over 70% of the excess comes from cooked dishes and desserts (canned food, frozen food, soups or sauces, pizza, etc.). Whenever possible we need to avoid industrial or processed foods.

Simple and practical gesture toilet, the shower is also the perfect “vitality reflex” in the morning. Here is a little water jet lesson…

By giving a few more seconds to your shower, you offer yourself the luxury to start well each day in an Olympic shape!

France is not only Paris! The South of France is also a place full of culture, delicious food, and enchantment! Marseille, is a beautiful city, with a rich and rewarding history. Its Vieux-Port (understand Old Harbor), its world famous sardines, the singsong accent of the locals, the blue sky and its dreamy coves make this city one that will excite all five senses. Marseille has been a long time point of entry for those coming to France in search of a better life, for that reason it is normal to see many different cultures and influences represented here. In comparison to Paris, people take more time to appreciate the little pleasures of life.  A smile is easy to share, a stroll along the sea to appreciate a wonderful sunset is common place, and a game of petanque (similar to horse shoes) is a favorite among friends. In Marseille there is…

Today with all the different massive agricultural production, it is recommended to pay special attention to our diet, and moreover to the pesticides which coat our foods.

Either we choose to eat processed or non-processed food, some chemicals can be accumulated in our plate and by extension in our body:

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