Have you ever heard of white vinegar to clean the house? White vinegar is ideal for cleaning the house and is green and cheap!

White vinegar, or alcohol vinegar is a natural product. It costs about 50 cents per liter versus 3 dollars for some conventional cleaning products. It is super effective because it kills about 99% of bacteria and helps to clean, disinfect, de-scale, polish and even deodorize! In addition, unlike other products, white vinegar, fully degrades rapidly that’s when the title of best green household cleaner!

Good bye depression! A balanced and healthy diet is a key point for a healthy and peaceful life!

Depression is very common in our age, everybody knows someone in his inner circle that  was suffering from this disease.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, changing your eating habits is probably one of the most accessible and powerful move you can make! It will help you reach your serenity more easily. For some people, it may even save their life!

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