Tomorrow the majority of us, are going to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. Is this day more than football, turkey, macaroni & cheese, and family reunions? Thanksgiving is the perfect day to express our gratitude and especially to God. To make the most of this celebration and add more meaning to it, here is a Thanksgiving tradition that we found and wanted to share with you.

We encourage you to do this activity at dinner time. It will be a good reminder of the many blessings you have been blessed this year and share the testimonies of other family members. Powerful and moving time in sight! 

This year our we have had the joy of welcoming a little baby girl into our family. We already have a wonderful toddler son and now we feel truly blessed and complete to bring our new baby home. But as many of you may know during pregnancy you are bombarded with so many feelings, joy, excitation, fear, anxiety… I was joined at the hip with my son, he was almost always with me so naturally one of my main concerns was his future reaction when it would be time to bring our new baby home. How is he going to take it? Will he be jealous? Will he question the love we have for him? and the list went on. But thankfully I was pleasantly surprise by his reaction, by his strength, being away from Mommy for 3 days/nights ( I thank my parents and hubby for making a smooth stage),…

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