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Tomorrow the majority of us, are going to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. Is this day more than football, turkey, macaroni & cheese, and family reunions? Thanksgiving is the perfect day to express our gratitude and especially to God. To make the most of this celebration and add more meaning to it, here is a Thanksgiving tradition that we found and wanted to share with you.

We encourage you to do this activity at dinner time. It will be a good reminder of the many blessings you have been blessed this year and share the testimonies of other family members. Powerful and moving time in sight! 

Salt is everywhere! We can find it mainly in all the food we eat today. While it is useful to enhance the dishes and add more flavor to them, eating too much salt is very harmful to our health.

Salt, more precisely the sodium inside of it, regulates our blood pressure and our water pressure. Too much salt intake leads to many diseases, the best known is hypertension.

Did you know that The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends only 5g salt intake per day, the equivalent of a teaspoon? But the average consumption is way superior of 10g a day and sometimes can reach some 12gr. The problem of this over consumption does not come from its direct consumption: the majority of our salt intake is hidden. Over 70% of the excess comes from cooked dishes and desserts (canned food, frozen food, soups or sauces, pizza, etc.). Whenever possible we need to avoid industrial or processed foods.

Simple and practical gesture toilet, the shower is also the perfect “vitality reflex” in the morning. Here is a little water jet lesson…

By giving a few more seconds to your shower, you offer yourself the luxury to start well each day in an Olympic shape!

Today with all the different massive agricultural production, it is recommended to pay special attention to our diet, and moreover to the pesticides which coat our foods.

Either we choose to eat processed or non-processed food, some chemicals can be accumulated in our plate and by extension in our body:

Have you ever heard of white vinegar to clean the house? White vinegar is ideal for cleaning the house and is green and cheap!

White vinegar, or alcohol vinegar is a natural product. It costs about 50 cents per liter versus 3 dollars for some conventional cleaning products. It is super effective because it kills about 99% of bacteria and helps to clean, disinfect, de-scale, polish and even deodorize! In addition, unlike other products, white vinegar, fully degrades rapidly that’s when the title of best green household cleaner!

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