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A strong beard game starts with a proper beard care!

The Night before.

So my daily beard care routine starts the night before. I give myself a vigorous but relaxing face wash. My goal is to clean the grime of the day off my face and out of my pores. Along with the face I wash my mustache and my beard also paying attention to the underlying skin of my facial hair. I have to keep it nice and clean so it does not get clogged resulting in unsightly pimples and bumps.

Life at times has a way of making you realize that all the little things that we take for granted are true blessings.

Can you imagine yourself as a child… leaving your parents behind in the countryside? Why? Because wanting the best for you, they decide to send you away to the city in hopes that you get a quality education, have more opportunities, and a brighter future. But when you finally arrive to the destination the reality is a stark contrast.

France is not only Paris! The South of France is also a place full of culture, delicious food, and enchantment! Marseille, is a beautiful city, with a rich and rewarding history. Its Vieux-Port (understand Old Harbor), its world famous sardines, the singsong accent of the locals, the blue sky and its dreamy coves make this city one that will excite all five senses. Marseille has been a long time point of entry for those coming to France in search of a better life, for that reason it is normal to see many different cultures and influences represented here. In comparison to Paris, people take more time to appreciate the little pleasures of life.Β Β A smile is easy to share, a stroll along the sea to appreciate a wonderful sunset is common place, and a game of petanque (similar to horse shoes) is a favorite among friends. In Marseille there is…

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