Denzel Washington gives a powerful motivational speech to some actor students that we can apply to our daily lives.

In this video you will discover special advice from this famous actor. It’s rare in the Hollywood industry to have such powerful, true and inspired talk. Well, Denzel Washington who played in numerous movies, and  is considered as one of the successful actors in the industry is not like everybody and it shares with us some deep advice to succeed in life.

Here are some parts:

“True desire in the heart for anything good, is God’s proof to you, set before you, to indicate that it’s yours already. That you have, to  be everything you want to be(…) you already have it! Claim it!

Understand this.. you have these dreams, but dreams without goals remain dreams and ultimately fueled disappointments. Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency.

I pray that you all put your shoes way under the bed that night so that you had to get on your knees in the morning. And while you’re down there, thank God for grace and mercy and understanding.

We all fore of the glory. We all have plenty. If you just think of all the things you have to be thankful for.. that’s a day, that’s easily a day!

We all have that unique gift, to go out and touch people, understand that gift, protect that gift, protect that gift, utilize that gift, don’t abuse that gift, treasure it, you all have it.

And finally I will say this, you never see a UHAUL behind a herse. I have been blessed to make hundreds of millions of dollars in my life, I can’t take it with me and neither can you. SO it’s not how much you have,  it’s what you do with what you have and we all have different gifts, some money, some love, some patience, some the ability to touch people, we all have it, use it share it. That’s what counts(…)!”

You see the video here:


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