The goal in life is to die empty! No regrets, no stones left unturned, nothing left for the future that can be done today!

Dr Myles Munroe is a highly moving and inspirational man that we recently came across. We were so inspired by this interview that he gave that we just had to share it with you, we are only saddened that we couldn’t have met him while he was with us as he  past away last week. However his message to us will ring in our minds and resonate in our hearts for years to come.

In this video we can see a man full of energy, positivity, and drive. He was aware of his purpose and made it his passion to help others discover theirs. It is so encouraging nowadays to come across someone who is excited about what the future holds, and faces the uncertain with a sense of excitement!

As he was saying, all of us we have dreams, but because of fear, doubt, lack of planning, and low self-esteem, we waist the great and unique gifts and talents that we have been given to help us accomplish our dreams. He was encouraging us to give everything we’ve got in life, and never give up…Because in the end we are all going to die, but what a great comfort it will be for us to know that we have accomplished what we had been created to do and that we had been a blessing for others! The goal as he said is when its our time to breath our last breath… to die empty, meaning no regret!

Please we encourage you to watch the video:

We leave you with one of his powerful quote:

“The poorest person in the world is the person without a dream’ — Dr. Myles Munroe

Let’s take our courage and start building our own purpose of life!

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