Today with all the different massive agricultural production, it is recommended to pay special attention to our diet, and moreover to the pesticides which coat our foods.

Either we choose to eat processed or non-processed food, some chemicals can be accumulated in our plate and by extension in our body:

– Pesticides : About one in two vegetable contain pesticide residues, but this is not generally reported as only 4% of them exceed the limit. The most contaminated fruits and vegetables are the grapes, apples, pears, fisheries, lettuce, spinach and peppers. These pesticides are dangerous to the health because they are likely to be carcinogenic and disrupt the endocrine system.But at low doses they do not pose a problem and should not prevent the consumption of fruits and vegetables. The best way to avoid pesticides is to peel fruit or vegetables or else wash them with brosse.Il is better to eat local rather than imported products (additional pesticides are used for the transport and storage of the products after harvest) .It is why it is recommended to eat organic. Indeed, 94% fruits and vegetables do not Contain pesticide on residues.

– Mercury : Mercury is a pollutant that is typically found in fish and mainly in the “big” fish that are found at the end of the food chain. Example of fish: shark, swordfish, tuna, etc.
Mercury in the diet is to avoid mainly among pregnant women because it could promote fetal malformation among others. It is therefore recommended to eat small fish such as sardines, mackerel, which are at the beginning of the food chain and therefore less contaminated. It should also vary consumed species and do not eat a single variety of fish, including tuna not more than twice a week.

– The PCB, also called pyralenes : PCB lies in fish or in fatty meat but also in all types of dairy products and eggs. These pollutants are chemical derivatives that even if they are not allowed at present have polluted environment sustainably. If it contains much in the body, they are stored in fat which could cause a problem for fetal development, but also disturbances in hormones. The advice here is to alternate the consumption of fatty fish (salmon, sardines, etc.) with lean fish (cod, sole, etc.) and fishing. It is recommended to eat low fat dairy foods.

Be attentive!

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