Do you remember the excitement you shared with your partner when you first got together? Those butterfly feelings and the anticipation to see each other!

This is what many couples long for after they have been in a relationship for an extended period. Some couples experience this excitement to fade as they become more comfortable around each other. The romance and excitement have likely faded due to the relationship being predictable and consistent. At the beginning of your relationship, you were in a constant state of learning, adapting to your partner, and creating a relationship. All of this was fun and new! But how do you keep that excitement and romance alive?

Here are a few ways to keep the romance alive in your relationship!

1. We have all heard the importance of date nights and quality time.

It is what you do and talk about during these moments that will keep that romance alive. Try not to talk about your responsibilities, bills, and kids. Take this time to learn about your partner and set goals for each other. The reason for this is because many couples often drift apart after they feel comfortable and believe that they know everything there is to know about their partner. This can easily become a slippery slope and the way to avoid this is to be open with each other and intentionally make time to connect!

2. Have fun!

The word “fun” is relative, and everyone is different. If you find things that are fun, and your partner may not find it as fun, this is a great learning opportunity. Take this time and share how important something is for you and how much you enjoy something and how you would like to share this experience with your partner. This must be a time for give and take, so be sure you learn something your partner wants to do!

3. Make time for intimacy.

Intimacy does not always mean sexual intimacy but can also mean emotional intimacy. Making and protecting the time to be sexually and emotionally intimate will allow you to both feel confident that you can rely on each other to feel close. Also, do not be afraid to spice things up! It doesn’t always have to be trying something new in the bedroom, but maybe bringing something back that you miss.

The biggest way to make sure that you keep the romance alive is to be open with each other and let each other know when you miss one another. Normally when this conversation comes up between couples, it’s vital to be clear on what you miss. Think about the actions and behaviors.

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