Simple and practical gesture toilet, the shower is also the perfect “vitality reflex” in the morning. Here is a little water jet lesson…

By giving a few more seconds to your shower, you offer yourself the luxury to start well each day in an Olympic shape!

  • TEMPERATURE. Set it before passing under the water. This prevents the boiling feelings which  definitely don’t put in a good mood. Warm water? To begin, to chase away the mists of the sleep, then very hot to relax your muscles and cool finally to give some energy.


  • CLEANSING PRODUCTS. They too have a role to play in the morning awakening because they stimulate the nervous system by exciting the sense of smell with their lively scents. For the sweet fragrance of the rose or vanilla, ideal for evening, prefer soaps and gels scented with lavender essences or citrus (lemons and oranges).


  • FRICTION. No real good shower without friction: either before the shower on dry skin with a good loofah or during for by using a glove in vegetable fiber. It is better to start the friction with parts of the body furthest from the heart: the feet and legs, then the arms and shoulders and finally the abdomen and chest.

Give it a try and come back to give your feelings!!


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