Five minutes is not much you will say, but it’s enough to change the course of your day! Small efforts for a significant improvement and self-empowerment!

So take five minutes and try one of these 8 ways to reduce stress, improve your mood and get more energy.

1. Make your bed. It is not a question of being manic, but this little ritual can help you create a peaceful environment in your room and a soothing room is part of ” good sleep hygiene.” This little habit can help you sleep better.

2. Prepare a snack. Before leaving the house, prepare a snack. You can go with fruit, unsalted nuts or yogurt. So when you get the munchies in the late morning or in the afternoon you’ll be ready!

3. Clean your desktop. Papers scattered everywhere, coffee mugs, pens … a cluttered desk can distract you and reduce your productivity. Clarify your external environment and you can feel more organized and better able to concentrate on the task at hand.

4. Listen to music. Music can help to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and have a positive impact on mood. Good music has the power to change your attitude. So load up your MP3 player and create a playlist that will make you smile on your trip or when you are working. It is a safe and healthy way to make your day more enjoyable.

5. Stretching. No need to put on your yoga pants, a few simple movements will be sufficient. Stretch your arms above your head. Raise and lower your shoulders several times. Stretch your legs as well. Do not force it and do not worry too much. Stretching can help improve your circulation and flexibility, but also help you relieve tense muscles usually caused by stress.

6. Keep a gratitude journal. Take a minute every day to write why you are grateful, whether small or big things. It is easy to complain about the weather, traffic, transport or what happens at work, but this mindset only brings negative energy. Be grateful for what you have can make you appreciate all the positive aspects of your life.

7. Turn off your electronics. Looking at computer monitors and other electronic devices all day can zap your energy and encourage inactivity. So take a break, log out from time to time. This is especially important for you to relax and unwind before sleep.

8. Prioritize your priorities. Admit that you can not do everything, and certainly not all at once. So make a list to identify what is really important, what can wait and what you can do now.

With which are you going to start first?

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