Tomorrow the majority of us, are going to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. Is this day more than football, turkey, macaroni & cheese, and family reunions? Thanksgiving is the perfect day to express our gratitude and especially to God. To make the most of this celebration and add more meaning to it, here is a Thanksgiving tradition that we found and wanted to share with you.

We encourage you to do this activity at dinner time. It will be a good reminder of the many blessings you have been blessed this year and share the testimonies of other family members. Powerful and moving time in sight! 

1. Place a small plant or arrangement as a centerpiece for your table.

2. Cut leaf shapes out of construction paper or trace/cut everyone’s hand to make a special leaf.

3.Punch a hole in the paper and run ribbon throughout it. Place the paper in the basket with pencils/crayons.

4. As each family members arrives for the Thanksgiving meal time together, ask them to write out what they are thankful for. Younger children can draw  a picture or cut/paste something out of a magazine.

5. Before you begin eating, place each of the leaves on the centerpiece  “tree”.

6. During the Thanksgiving meal, take turns allowing everyone at the table to share what they wrote on their leaf.

7. End your time together by asking the oldest person to thank God for His abundance and the many blessings He has given your family.

Please comment below if you give it a try with your family, we would love to have your feedback!

May God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving!

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