Life can be hard on us men. Here are my Top 5 things to hit gathered from my own experience to help you positively deal with stress:


Hit your sparring partner…

We all have those days where something gets under our skin and where we are just on one. Instead of going home and laying into the wife and kids, bring that smoke to your sparring partner. He’s there in the dojo waiting for you and he can take it. Your attacks and your intensity help him with his training and the nice thing about it is the more you give the more you will receive. After all the yelling, hitting, kicking, grabbing, choking, slamming into the ground and having the same done to me I return home a mellowed out man. Sometimes I’m cut, sometimes I have a slight limp, sometimes I have the taste of blood in my mouth but I am calm, I’m reflective and I am able to listen to and love on my wife and kids.


Hit the play button on a motivational speech…

I like listening to motivational speeches and hearing people’s stories of transformation and overcoming hardship. This puts me in a positive mind space and I am able to go home and share that with my family versus the negative energy that I might have accrued on my daily grind.


Hit those weights…

Another thing that I like to do after a hard and stressful day is going to the gym to hit the weights.

Not only does it curb that stressed anxious energy, but it also releases chemicals and other endorphins that calm you down and give the body a sense of euphoria. You also feel like you’re doing something positive and productive.


Hit the journal and pen…

One of the best ways to take that bottled up stress and release it is by releasing your thoughts on paper through journaling. Writing about what happened during the day can bring closure to your situation.

When you’re journaling you can yell, you can scream, you can cry, and you can express your full range of emotions on the paper. You can write out exactly what is happening and exactly how you feel without any kind of interruptions or criticism.


Hit your knees to the floor and pray

Prayer works.  Even if you don’t believe in it. It works. Just try it and see. There is a Creator whether you know it or not God is concerned with your well-being, even down to your smallest insecurities. Unlike many people who will complain about your whining, doubtfulness and fear, He welcomes it and actually wants you to share it. When you give your deepest, darkest secret to the Creator you don’t have to worry about your dirty laundry being spoken about in the streets. Not only does God listen but He moves mysteriously to make things work out for our benefit in the craziest unexpected ways.


Which one(s) are you willing to hit up and give a try?






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