Floaties, swim belt, swim armband, etc. there are so many anti-drowning accessories for children. Follow this guide to help you make the right choice.

Right now the kids and I are having a great time in Guadeloupe, a French territory located in the Caribbean. And of course one of the must do activity is going to the beach!

But going to the beach with the kids is no easy task. It requires a lot of forethought and preparation. One of them is having one or two anti-drowning accessories to avoid any potential mishaps.

When you chose your floaties you have to think of age, weight and height. But in addition always remember to have a hawk eye view on your child.


Now let’s get into the review of or favorite choices:

Swim Armband more commonly known as floaties

With the little ones, they are the best! Choose them according to your child’s weight. They really maintain the shoulders and therefore keep the head out of the water.

If the armbands have been properly inflated and placed well, there is no reason for the baby to remove them. Check also that the safety valves are closed.

Swim tube ring

This device keeps the child upper torso out of the water. But it is essential to choose the right diameter. Indeed, with one that is too large, the child might slip through when he/she raises his/her arms. It is a beach accessory that does not protect against drowning.

The swimming suit with integrated floats

The floats are integrated along the waist. You can gradually remove them depending on the progress of the child. For the little ones, it is better to combine this swimsuit with swim armbands to prevent baby from falling over.


The belt with floats

The belt is placed at the lumbar level. Remove the floats as your little bather progresses. On the other hand, do not use them with children that are too young as they their sense of balance might not be developed enough.

The vest

It is chosen, as for a garment, at the right size. You must be careful to attach it so the child cannot slip. It will be perfect for water activities to prevent the child from dropping into the water and drowning. But it will not allow him/her to swim. It is very uncomfortable and limit the arms movements.


Share which one is your favorite with your children!

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