Have you ever heard of white vinegar to clean the house? White vinegar is ideal for cleaning the house and is green and cheap!

White vinegar, or alcohol vinegar is a natural product. It costs about 50 cents per liter versus 3 dollars for some conventional cleaning products. It is super effective because it kills about 99% of bacteria and helps to clean, disinfect, de-scale, polish and even deodorize! In addition, unlike other products, white vinegar, fully degrades rapidly that’s when the title of best green household cleaner!

How to use it at home?
Here are some few tips that will save you money and also allow our level help to protect the planet by avoiding all those chemicals and toxic in these cleaning products!

–  For descaling
White vinegar is very powerful to fight limestone. For example, to remove limestone from your kettle, simply heat the equivalence of water and white vinegar, rinse and make two or three more heats before reuse and voila!

– To degrease
After a moment our funds pots need a small shed in beauty. Nothing more simple, fill the pan with water about the equivalent of water and vinegar and boil.

– To remove perspiration odors
Soak the “at risk” areas  with vinegar before putting them in the washing machine and it’s magical afterwards, no mo smell!

– To clean the washing machine
An empty cycle with white vinegar will clean and simply maintain your appliances.

– To clean the windows
Mix 1 part white vinegar with 5 doses of alcohol and you get a great product for cleaning windows.

There are plenty of other tips for other white vinegar, what are yours?

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  1. You could probably wash it out that way but I would not run it with soapy water in it. Make sure it is all rensid out before you run it.FYI- They sell coffee maker cleaner near the coffee makers at most stores. It is inexpensive and does a good job. You run it through the same way you do the vinegar.

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